Our agency was recently invited to Facebook’s EMEA Headquarters in Dublin for a strategy day with our rep to be updated on the latest developments within Facebook and Instagram in addition to analysing the strategy and performance of our top client ad accounts.

As one of the UK & Ireland’s leading social media advertising agencies, access to Facebook is a crucial part of continued development as it enables our agency and clients to stay ahead of trends such as Campaign Budget Optimisation or any changes to policy which are likely to impact strategy and ad performance.

Having Facebook review, analyse and provide actionable takeaways on our key client accounts is an incredible asset to our agency while providing clients with the knowledge and trust that our strategies around Facebook ads are coming from Facebook. This reassurance is crucial for all clients but especially our larger accounts where monthly ad spend can be in 6 figures.

Strategy days at Facebook HQ are typically quite intense where you can meet with specialists from different platforms i.e. Instagram, Messenger, Policy team etc.The snacks and ice cream breaks do help to maintain energy and sugar levels although never good for the waistline!

During this visit we covered;

  • Instagram – key metrics on video and creative performance
  • Agency performance – how our agency ranked amongst the top 10 in the UK across a range of metrics while identifying areas to improve on
  • Deep dive in to client account performance
  • Q & A session on current issues being faced across accounts and best practices moving forward
  • Changes to the platform coming down the track – TOP SECRET!

We would like to thank our Facebook Rep Emily for organising our strategy day and for the incredible hospitality shown as always. We can’t wait to visit again soon!

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