Project Aim
Develop Star Name Registry from a seasonal gifting company to an established global ecommerce brand.

How Was This Achieved?
A global social media advertising strategy that positioned Star Name Registry (SNR) as one of the world’s leading and most unique gifting companies.

Previously SNR had advertised on social media around key seasonal events. The first thing we implemented was an evergreen strategy to achieve consistent monthly growth. Strategy focused on an appealing offer, investing in creative to facilitate scaling while working on price points and a website refresh to ensure the foundations were there to scale into new markets profitably.

Key Stats
Niche: Gifting

Core markets: UK, USA, Europe, Australia
Ad Spend: £50-100,000 per month
Revenue: Multiple 7 figures annually
ROAS: 2.9
Average Order Value: £46

Strategy is relatively simple when you understand that as humans, we tend to purchase emotionally when we feel a connection to a product or service. One of the keys to fast tracking growth to 7 figures for SNR was to build ads that evoked and created an emotional connection which was enhanced by the feeling of giving a gift.

We achieved this with provocative ad copy which built desire, combined with creative which framed the act of both giving and receiving a personalised gift to help conjure that special feeling. The product was also a perfect market fit with its uniqueness and ability to personalise which is a key differentiator in the gifting niche.

The diverse range of price points from £14.99 – £79 enabled the product to appeal to the vast majority of the market in terms of being affordable while also being high end with gift box and framed options.

As opposed to one ad account, we created individual ad accounts for the core geographical locations which meant ads were shown in both local time zone and currency i.e. UK, USA, Europe, Australia etc. This account structure provided the framework to fast track growth while also having country specific data to analyse.

Creative Strategy

Top of Funnel

Creative: Video
Audience: Cold audiences with exclusions (interest-based targeting outperformed lookalike audiences in most cases)
Objective: Video views + conversions
Ad Types: Video ads

We ran video content as it’s a perfect fit for the product through its ability to story tell and highlight the emotional benefits giving a gift provides. As humans, we purchase on a emotional level so this was a super important aspect of the strategy. Mass exposure to a targeted gifting audience for £0.01p per video view.

As the price point on the product started at £14.99, we also had massive success on running conversion ads to cold audiences. At this price point, it can be an impulse purchase, especially in the gifting market with regards to birthdays, christenings etc.

Middle of Funnel

Creative: Image
Audience: Warm – video views, social page and ad engagement
Objective: Conversions
Ad Types: Single image, carousels & video ads

Single image and carousel both performed really strongly in addition to slideshow ads. We offered a 10% off discount to middle of funnel customers and were able to aggressively scale budgets while maintaining a frequency level of around 2 due to the evergreen video ads driving awareness at top of funnel.  


Bottom of Funnel

Creative: Image + video
Audience: Website traffic
Objective: Conversions
Ad Types: Carousels

These ads retargeted variations of website traffic, the low hanging fruit – potential customers who simply need a reminder or incentive to get them over the line to purchase. Due to the short conversion window from first touch point to purchase, we had a lot of success retargeting recent website traffic from 1-7-days and also right up to 30 days.
A 20% discount code crushed and was easy to track through analytics.

Conversion Window
1-7 days click/viewed on conversion campaigns to cold traffic.

1 day click on retargeting campaigns.

With price points ranging from £14 – £79, the average customer journey from first touch point to conversion was quite short. A sale under £30 is largely an impulse purchase which helped to fast track scaling.

Bidding Strategies
Auto bid

Auto placements 


Testing strategy to consistently test both new creatives and formats to ensure ads continued to be fresh while also identifying new areas to scale i.e. Instagram Stories. Bespoke creative tailored and designed for social media advertising was one of the keys to improving click through rates and facilitating scaling as it provided a professional brand experience.

ABT: Always Be Testing

Website Overhaul
With over 80% of traffic now coming from mobile devices, the website was updated to improve mobile optimisation and conversion rate with a focus on the overall customer journey from viewing to checkout. Conversion rate improved from 0.9 to 2.

Brand Building
Throughout this entire process, the aim was to build and position Star Name Registry as a global brand in the gifting space while scaling revenue to multiple 7 figures annually.  To help facilitate growth into new countries and markets, we advised to expand the product range to encourage upsells, larger average order values and increased customer lifetime values.  

It was also crucial to understand the role social media advertising plays in driving overall revenue with a blended CPA approach via growing channels such as branded search on Google resulting in an explosion of both organic and PPC sales or how acquiring customers on social helps facilitate upsells via email marketing.  

When building a global brand, big picture macro thinking is required;

  • Don’t get too tied down in daily figures
  • Understand and expect seasonal peaks and troughs
  • Base growth on overall monthly figures and ideally a blended CPA
  • When launching into new markets, it takes time to grow and scale


  • Evolve from seasonal campaigns to consistent monthly growth with an evergreen offer that’s appealing all year round
  • Creative and copy that connected emotionally was key to driving sales
  • Multiple product price points helped appeal to a wide market while also ensuring a healthy average order value and ROAS
  • Used social media as a platform to build and create brand awareness on a national and global level
  • Understanding the role social media plays holistically in overall growth in relation to organic sales, email marketing, branded and PPC sales
  • Blended CPA helps facilitate overall growth
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