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Facebook messenger bots are revolutionising how businesses communicate with customers and are responsible for driving sales and improving customers relations from the second a prospect lands on their website.

With message open rates in the 90%, can your business afford not to be utilising this platform?


Acquire Customers by Starting Conversations

Conversion rates increase dramatically when you start talking with prospects and taking them through the customer funnel with a set of automated questions and responses. Messenger bots facilitate this by engaging with website visitors automatically.

Open Rates

Open rates on Facebook Messenger Bot campaigns can be in the 85-95% which is one of the main attraction to the platform. As a comparison, industry average open rates on a successful email campaign are between 10-20%.

Build Brand Awareness

Communicating with customers through chat bots on Facebook Messenger over a sustained period of time is extremely effective in building both brand and product awareness.Like all marketing channels, a strategy is required to ensure targeted content is sent to relevant people over an agreed time period.

Drive Sales

Having established a line of communication in Messenger, the business is now in a strong position to use this platform as an additional route to market to highlight a host of products and offers.

Customers can be segmented based on buying patterns and various demographics allowing for a more efficient sales funnel. Bots are still quite basis, it is possible to sell within Messenger although currently, best results remain by driving traffic to websites to complete conversions.  


An extremely cost-effective platform for communicating with both prospects and customers. Simply pay a modest monthly retainer to your chosen messenger bot software provider.  

Customer Care/Support

Facebook Messenger Bots provide fast, direct access to your customer base providing an additional channel to improve communication and importantly customer support.

By providing a set of automated responses to frequently asked customer questions i.e. shipping costs, returns policy etc it aides customer service by answering queries in a quick and efficient way in addition to easing queries which would otherwise come from email or telephone which frees up time internally within businesses.

Chat bots are still in their infancy have currently have limited functionality which will improve over time.


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