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Daily Monitoring & Improvement of Ad Performance

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Analysis of Complete Customer Journey

With our background in digital marketing, we take a holistic approach to analyse the complete sales funnel from advertisement through to purchase and aim to improve the efficiency of the customer journey.

Advertising success on social media isn’t simply down to the advertisement, we look at what the traffic does when it hits your website to include mobile optimisation, site load time, bounce rate, quality of content on the website, ease of purchase and so much more!

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We meet regularly with Facebook for client campaign and strategy advice helping to stay ahead of future trends and provide industry leading Return on Ad Spend.

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Allow us to review your advertising campaigns for FREE* and provide you with FREE* industry leading feedback on how to improve performance.

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Years of continuously working with various businesses and products in addition to millions in advertising spend has helped shape and evolve our social media advertising strategies. Strategies are bespoke to the client, product and desired goals although common strategic building blocks in relation to core proven principles to Facebook & Instagram advertising success are always evident.

Social media advertising has changed, it’s harder than ever to be profitable and never has it been as important to have a strategy and pre-determined, measurable goals in place. Gone are the days when you could simply run ads which would generate sales, in today’s climate advertisers require a sale funnel which takes customers through a multi touch point journey which builds trust, addresses pain points and connects emotionally in conjunction with eye catching creative and well written copy.

Campaigns and budgets are planned 6-12 months in advance around key seasonal buying activity where data is used to help predict performance and opportunities to scale. We’re constantly asking our clients to push the boundaries in terms of testing new countries and product, audiences and demographics which they thought weren’t applicable as often this is where the opportunity for growth lies.

Advertising Creative

One of the most important parts of any advertisement on social media is the creative as it’s responsible for the “thumb stop” while people are scrolling through a multitude of content at a frightening pace. On a platform saturated with advertising, it’s more important than ever to think outside of the box on creative.

As an agency, we are video centric top of the funnel across all platforms mainly due to its ability to engage, the extremely low costs per views and the multitude of retargeting options available.

Our experience of running and managing thousands of campaigns allows us to help guide clients on what creatives typically provide the best results.

We also work with a number of creative partners to help facilitate content for any industry if required.

Advertising Copy

Social media advertising is often described as storytelling, a well written story can evoke a connection between your business and the customer which builds trust and increases the chances of moving people from prospects to customers.

Having established a relationship with the client and an understanding of the business and their tone, we are happy to advise and plan advertising copy which addresses people’s problems or pain points and in-turn promotes the problem-solving benefits which the products or services offer.

It’s crucial we develop the right advertising tone for each client which portrays the key values behind every brand and business.


Advertising success is based on sending the right ads to the right people.

A large proportion of time on account is spent on split testing how different audiences react throughout the funnel on Cold, Warm and Hot traffic.

The Facebook pixel features heavily in our audience strategy from broad interests at the top of the funnel right through to building out Lookalike audiences to retargeting to dynamic advertisements.

The ability to pair audiences with creatives and ad copy that works is the foundations for scaling advertising spend and revenue.

Facebook algorithm is always changing, currently larger audiences are providing better returns as they provide more data to work with. As an agency, we continue to stay on top of best practices.


As a social media advertising agency, one of our key strategy’s centres around retargeting as it’s often responsible for driving a large percentage of sales.

For most products, conversions aren’t achieved on the first view of an ad but across a number of touch points involving multiple devices and ads. It’s therefore essential that customers are retargeted throughout the sale funnel to complete the customer journey and achieve the advertising objective.

Facebook’s tracking pixel contains extensive options for retargeting. Through testing, we have discovered the best and most efficient ways to retarget from dynamic retargeting right through to engagement and website behaviour.

Retargeting is an essential part of scaling ad campaigns and revenue.


Facebook Pixel

We utilise data from the Facebook tracking pixel to measure and improve advertisement performance in addition to building laser focused audiences based on website behaviour.

Facebook tracking pixel is extremely powerful in its ability to understand the actions people are taking on your website which helps improve both advertising and website performance.

The Facebook pixel is our best friend when it comes to tracking, understanding, optimising and scaling advertising campaigns for clients.



We’re not an agency that simply sends an end of month report every 4 weeks. We prefer to communicate regularly with our clients to ensure we have the best possible understanding of the business in addition to explaining our strategy, what’s working and why.

Having worked with clients of all levels for years, we can see a clear correlation between account performance and communication in terms of establishing the correct tone in ads, seasonal sale performance, products to focus on, creatives, website performance etc.

Our social media marketing agency offers complete management of all aspects of social advertising with some businesses preferring to hand over the reins and don’t necessarily have time to be in regular contact. This is fine also as we will always work around what works best for each client.


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