About: Emerald guitars are the world’s leading manufacturer of hand-made, carbon fibre guitars.

AIM: Increase sales and brand awareness globally.

Initial Audit
The starting point on any project is to review the existing strategy, structure and framework which typically includes the advertising account, website, social media pages and creative to get an understanding of current business performance.

Existing Strategy
Emerald Guitar’s business is built on community and providing a special product that has no equal. Like a lot of businesses that we work with, Emeralds social media marketing strategy was built around what has grown the business so successfully over the years on social media. This provided a really strong foundation while also presenting an opportunity to introduce recent best practices and strategies to facilitate long term, sustainable growth.

Examples of this would be a mobile first strategy which is driven by video content, incorporating and utilising the power and data from the Facebook tracking pixel in addition to introducing a retargeting strategy.

Website Audit
Reviewing the existing website with Emerald, it became clear there were areas we could improve upon which would streamline the enquiry and sales process.

Website load time, page content, how regularly the site is updated and the general user experience on the site are all contributing factors to where you appear in the Facebook advertising auction and essentially affects how cost effective your advertising is. The depth of information on Emerald’s site was incredible as you would expect from a world leader in their field. We worked on the user experience on mobile as this was the predominant driving force having analysed the Google analytics data.

Creative Audit
Emerald were a dream to work with on the creative front. Being the world’s leading carbon fibre guitar manufacturer, they had invested heavily in studio quality video’s and in-depth blogs which showcased the products in the best possible environment, in the highest possible quality.

We built on this by structuring and planning future content that would compliment the social media advertising strategy with new ideas for different angles/usp’s to promote in addition to advice on optimal running time, video intro’s etc.  

Sales Analysis To Identify Key Markets
Sales performance from the previous 12 months was analysed and dissected geographically

to identify which countries to target and how to allocate the advertising budget. Targeting was predominantly into the USA, Canada, Australia and selected European countries.

Social Media Pages
Fantastic to see a really strong following of 77k followers on the Facebook page with incredible video, image and blog content. The strong sense of community around the brand and page was evident from unbelievable organic page engagement on posts.

Paid Social Media Advertising Strategy
With guitars ranging in price from $2,500 – $7,000, customers were required to be taken through a sales funnel which involved multiple creatives broken down by model which highlighted the key features and benefits to the customer.

A typical advertising funnel looked like;

  • Initial interest-based targeting around the interest and behaviours associated with each guitar range. LLA’s were also built based on website traffic to model pages.
  • Lead ad consisted of a video ad which demoed the guitar and typically ran between 3-5 minutes. Soft intro to the brand.
  • Long format ad copy to tell the story behind the guitar.
  • Retarget 25% video viewers with a blog ad designed to move people from social media to the website.
  • Retarget blog visitors with a product carousel ad highlighting different options available in addition to custom model builds.
  • Various ad types were split tested – carousel, collection, single image, video etc. Carousel were found to be the top converting ad type.
  • Dynamic product ads to visitors who viewed product content or added to the cart.

A longer sale funnel was required on the Emerald campaigns due to the pricing and average order value. A guitar at this price point is a considered purchase where a customer will typically visit the website numerous times before making a decision to purchase.



(LEAD AD)                                                                                       (BLOG AD)                                                                                      (CONVERSION AD)

What We Achieved

  • Record monthly sales
  • Record website traffic
  • Increased enquiries
  • Increased brand awareness globally
  • Structured social media advertising strategy
  • Structured content planner for social media page content

The advertising principles we use are tried and tested across a range of ecommerce niches with a bespoke strategy devised for each business and product. Strategies are constantly evolving in line with changes to the platform with our core principles around storytelling, creative and retargeting remaining constant.

If you would like a structured social media advertising strategy that can deliver record sales and growth for your business, then please feel free to get in touch below for a free audit and consultation.

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