About: Cute Nutrition are the UK’s leading female supplement and nutrition brand.
Geographical Location: London

AIM: Increase sales in the UK and American markets

RESULT: 10 ROAS on a 5-figure monthly ad spend. 


  • Focus the majority of ad spend on Instagram in line with product/customer demographics
  • Leverage the power of video by focusing creative on story and news feed videos
  • Connect emotionally and build desire by using influencers in advertising creative
  • Upsell to existing customers
  • Increase both order value and lifetime customer value by running weekly promotions

The supplement and weight loss industry is largely aesthetic, image and messaging is key. Customer demographics were young females 18 – 35. The advertising strategy focused largely on Instagram stories and newsfeed where we deployed short video’s and aspirational images promoting weekly offers.

Influencers were also part of the advertising strategy and helped increased brand awareness and exposure to the range and benefits of Cute Nutrition’s supplement products.  

Placements – Instagram
The millennial platform for the 18-35 demographic continues to improve its advertising performance in the ecommerce space with the majority of the monthly advertising budget being used on the platform.

15 second video story ads performed strongly in addition to video, single image, collection and carousel in the news feed.   


Videos formed the core of the advertising strategy with content a mixture of work out and product demo’s i.e. how to make the protein pancakes or the weight loss shakes.

Most of the video content was shot on mobile phones and wasn’t done in a professional studio. This helped people connect to real life non salesy content which provided a really strong ROAS.

With supplement and weight loss products, the creative must be aspirational to portray what’s possible while connecting with people on a personal level as physical wellbeing plays such a large part in people’s lives both physically and emotionally.

Cute Nutrition’s collaborations with influencers provided a bank of high-quality creatives, both image and video which allowed for record breaking sales as creative play such a large part of advertising especially with the millennial market.

How did We Achieve Result’s?

Social Proof
Building social proof on winning ads is one of the secrets to scaling as this helps to instil confidence in both the product and brand which in-turn helps improve ROAS.

We achieved this by running and scaling the most popular ads across a range of audiences. Most of these ads were short video’s due to the high engagement they achieved.

Promotional Calendar
Supplements and weight loss industry is an extremely competitive space with a multitude of businesses bidding for the same social media real estate. To remain competitive to both new and existing customers, it was crucial to devise a promotional calendar to structure seasonal offers designed to convert on a weekly basis.  

Margin wasn’t always great on these offers to new customers but when we analysed average lifetime value of a customer, Cute Nutrition were willing to play the long game such was the quality of their products which facilitated customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Scaling with Lookalike Audiences
We recommend using audiences typically starting from 1m and found the most consistent audiences for scaling to be LLA’s. We typically start with interest based and as we scale, we will test key LLA’s from 1-10%.

On this account, top performing LLA’s included purchasers 180 days, view content 180 days in addition to customer databases. It’s a lot easier to scale with LLA’s when advertising in to the USA due to audience sizes. 

Key Takeaways

  • Basics to success – you need a good product, website, creative and ad copy
  • It’s a lot more cost-effective upselling to existing customers compared to constantly acquiring new customers
  • Scale your budget around 20/25% daily for optimal, consistent growth
  • A structured, planned promotional strategy around products paves the way for scaling with both cold traffic and existing customers
  • As a platform, Instagram continues to go from strength to strength

We hope you found this insight in to how our agency scales accounts helpful. If you would like to discuss how we can apply these principals to help scale your business then please get in touch below. We would love to hear from you!

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