Weekend Box delivers creative and fun activities by post for children aged 3-8. They’ve successfully delivered over 1 million hours of quality time, helping thousands of little ones and their parents make memories with a Weekend Box each week.

BRIEF: Increase brand awareness and registrations of the subscription service to customers throughout the United Kingdom while maintaining Cost Per Acquisition.

What We Achieved

– Sales increased by: 253%

– Cost Per Acquisition decreased by: 66%

How We Achieved It

Website Optimisation
Upon our initial website audit, it became apparent that a simpler sales funnel with less registration requirements would result in a more efficient customer journey and ultimately an increased conversion rate. With 90% of Facebooks traffic being from mobile devices, it was crucial to review and improve the ease of purchase on mobile phones and tablets.

Implemented changes decreased purchase time with a much simpler and easier to navigate sales funnel.

Weekend Box had already established an accurate profile of the demographics of their ideal customer based on historical data from previous campaigns in addition to data from lifetime customers which aided greatly in the targeting process.

Audience Building
With the nature of the product, cold audience targeting for level 1 ads was relatively straight forward with various options for targeting mothers and parents available. We were able to build strong custom Lookalike audiences based on customer databases and the Facebook pixel firing consistently which helped with prospecting and targeting new potential customers.

Focus on Video
As Facebook aims to increase video content across both Facebook & Instagram, video ads are a more cost-effective alternative to static image ads. Video ads were an integral part of the advertising strategy for Weekend Box as they explained the product and concept through storytelling, to new customers who hadn’t previously heard of the company. Crucially, video ads ran between 15-20 seconds as short video’s have a higher completion rate improving awareness and the ability to retarget.

Video ads were predominantly used in Level 1 targeting to cold customers.

Creative focused on action shots of children using the various activities within the boxes to showcase the product and variation of monthly activities while forming an emotional connection with the potential customer. A variety of mages were split tested to identify patterns from initial engagement and interaction right through to add to cart and ultimately conversions.

Creatives within ads were regularly updated to ensure ads appeared new and fresh.

Call to Action
Weekend Box’s strategy to acquire new customers partly involved offering the first box free to entice customers to sign up. The quality and satisfaction the product provided ensured high lifetime value with subscriptions continuing long after the initial trial period.

To highlight this within Facebook Ads, we used the call to action “Get Offer” which outperformed “Buy Now” when split tested. Customers like to think they are getting a deal or making a saving and “Get Offer” helped to communicate this.

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