Scaling Sales with Facebook & Instagram Advertising for The New You Plan

Scaled to multiple 7 figures
80% reduction in Cost Per Acquisition/Sale

The New You Plan (TNYP) are one of the UK & Ireland’s leading diet meal plan providers with a meal sold online every 20 seconds.

DM Digital Marketing achieved record breaking sales with the lowest cost per acquisition in the company’s history using cutting edge Facebook & Instagram Advertising strategies with advertisements running throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

How did we achieve it?

As with all businesses we work with, the starting point is reviewing current platforms and sales funnels with a view to streamlining and improving where possible. With The New You Plan, we were able to make some changes to the website and sales funnel, especially with a view to mobile traffic which simplified the ordering and check out process making an immediate impact and improving Return On Ad Spend.

Creative forms a massive part of any advertising campaign and to an extent, is dependent on the strategy i.e. lead with video testimonials, retargeting with collection and carousel ads.
With TNYP, we used a combination of video testimonials which were followed by high quality products images in addition with motivational images of brand ambassadors who had been through the plan and transformed their bodies.

Audience Building
As with all clients, it’s crucial we send the right ads to the right audiences which were most likely to convert. Custom audiences based on engagement performed fantastically well on a consistent basis. The weight loss industry provides ample targeting options for interest-based targeting which combined effectively with Lookalike audiences based on existing customer databases.

Sale Funnel
We ran and continue to run multiple sales funnels on account depending on the product/offer and the audience being targeted. One of the main sales funnels to attract new customers to the brand included;

Introductory “Explanation” ad – Blog Ad Highlighting Before & After Process – Product Conversion Ad – Retargeting Ad

Dynamic Product Ads were extremely efficient in retargeting and converting those customers who had previously showed intent to purchase but hadn’t completed the conversion. These advertisements performed consistently on a daily basis and greatly impacted sales and revenue.

Weekly Offers
NYP run an exceptional promotional calendar with weekly offers around popular products and discounts which incentives existing customers to repurchase while in addition, helping to attract new customers to the brand. These offers also crucially helped with increasing customer lifetime value.

Monthly Subscriptions
With any subscription-based business model, the aim is always to achieve consistent purchases and brand loyalty which lead to increased lifetime value customers. The incredible products, service, aftercare and community provided by The New You Plan helped in a large part to achieve this as existing customers were extremely open to repeat ordering through the advertisements served. Existing customers are always easier and more cost effective to resell too if marketed correctly.

The above principles can be applied to any ecommerce business in theory and can be used as basic building blocks to successfully advertising on Facebook & Instagram.

Results are dependent on multiple factors, none more so than the person/agency responsible for managing the account.

We hope you found this insight in to how our agency scales accounts helpful. If you would like to discuss how we can apply these principals to help scale your business then please get in touch below. We would love to hear from you!

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