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Based in Alberta Edmonton, Lash Snob are Canada’s largest training provider of Eyelash Extensions and Eyebrow Threading courses in addition to selling an extensive range of cosmetic products globally.

Having grown a significant following of 100k + on Facebook & Instagram, DM Digital Marketing were tasked with increasing course sales throughout Canada while raising brand awareness and sales of cosmetic products globally with a strong focus on the American market.

With 4-day 3D Microblading courses costing close to $5,000, it was crucial to take potential customers through the sales funnel, adding value, confidence and reassurance at every stage. Courses as this price point are a considered purchase so we knew that conversion ads straight off the bat would have a relatively low success rate.

Cosmetic products were at the other end of the spectrum with a relatively low price point and mass appeal. It became apparent we required individual strategies for each of the products to include advertising creative, ad types, target audience and advertising budget.

The cosmetic product range was relatively simple in terms of a strategy which focused largely on targeting based on pixel info and carousel ads for conversions.

The strategy behind growing sales for course attendance throughout Canada was slightly more complicated and challenging primarily due to the price of the courses.


Lead Form Ads
With 2-4 day eyebrow and eyelash courses costing up to $5,000 it was natural that customers would have questions and require more information before they make a considered purchase. Lead Form Ads provided a way for customers to show their interest at a basic level and allow for a follow up email or call at their convenience to discuss the course and all that it entails. Leads from these advertisements had an extremely high conversion rate which we felt was down to the relationship and trust built through one to one conversation.

Retargeting Ads

When selling high ticket courses, the strategy isn’t to sell on the fist conversion ad but to take customers along the journey, adding value and building trust at every stage. Retargeting ads were essential for conversions as they targeted people who had added to the cart but not purchased and therefore were already close to becoming a customer. Retargeting adds were efficient due to their ability to convert prospective customers from adding to the cart to purchasing.

Video Ads
Video ads were designed to be short, 12-45 seconds and provide a snapshot of the course. We found visually these worked fantastic due to the industry but also due to video’s ability to catch peoples attention and stop them scrolling through the news feed. We retargeted video viewers split testing time and percentage watched with some really high success rates. Cost per video view came in as low as $0.02 cent per view providing a really efficient ROI.

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